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Roberta Curtis - Reiki Master

Hello and welcome to my site! I am the Sole Proprietor of Grey's Soulful Reiki and I became fascinated with Reiki several years ago after reading an article about Animal Reiki and Greyhounds. My passion and love for this noble Breed started in 2004 with my first rescue of a retired racing Greyhound named M's Mad Max.  Inspired by the desperate need to help my soulful companion Max with his ailing body in his senior years and also to alleviate my own pain from Arthritis, I sought Holistic Healers to teach me Reiki.

I became certified as an Independent USUI Reiki Practitioner in Levels 1 & 11 in February 2015 and started my wonderful journey in Energy Healing.  

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I opened Grey's Soulful Reiki as a Reiki Practitioner in 2015 to honor Max (Angel) and bring Energy Healing Treatments to all that desire Holistic, alternative pain relief.  I have since been practicing Reiki on clients. friends, family, animals at shelters and of course my own companion animals.

My clients who have honored me by graciously receiving Reiki Healing sessions at my home share amazing personal details of their experience during their treatments, all have come back for repeated sessions and I have shared a few Testimonials on a separate page.  It is wonderful to see Clients experience a transformation, relaxation, release of pain & stress and feel energized as well!

My Animal companions and clients have taught me so much and continue to amaze me!  Max taught me to love unconditionally, have patience, and most importantly to live in the moment!  

Like humans, animals suffer from stress, anxiety, and disease - they are very much in tune with Energy and love receiving Reiki treatment. I offer treatments wherever they are most comfortable (in their homes, on their beds or from a distance, it is their choice and it is not forced.

I have continued my education with workshops on Animal Reiki, Meditation, Crystals, Essential Oils and also became certified as an Independent USUI Reiki Master/Teacher on January 15, 2017 .