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Client Testimonials

I have had several sessions with Roberta of Grey's Soulful Reiki. She is a natural born Healer as experienced by the flow of life force energy transmitted from her hands throughout my body during the treatment. This gave me a wonderful feeling of relaxation while simultaneously balancing my Chakras. In order to keep my mind, body and spirit aligned, I will continue sessions with Roberta. I find them very beneficial !  ​​​Gail M

Ella's ( Foster dog/Rescue - Animal Rescue Network of New England) manic licking of her wounded, painful, paw ceased during Roberta's first  Reiki session with her. For that hour and several more afterward Ella was relaxed and peaceful, like she should be. A week later Ella was scheduled to have her paw amputated and the Doctor performed an evaluation to find that there was a piece of metal embedded under her skin that did not show previously, somehow after her Reiki session it had worked its way to the surface, it was removed and no amputation was needed! Please consider Grey's Soulful Reiki. Ella is glad that I did !  Kathy - Nashua, NH

I look forward to my Reiki experiences with Roberta of Grey's Soulful Reiki! Roberta has a very Spiritual presence ,is extremely knowledgeable, and explains what I can expect  from our  session. There is always peaceful music, comfortable surroundings, cozy blankets and sheets on the Reiki table making me feel open and ready!  I close my eyes and let Roberta get to work. Reiki works with light touch as well as without, Roberta's very intuitive assessment of me and my needs is always "spot on". She is an amazing Practitioner! I feel relaxed and yet energized after our sessions. I would encourage anyone who feels the need for more peace in their world to give Grey's Soulful Reiki a try, it has been very helpful for me!

 Jill D

I have had the pleasure of receiving several Reiki treatments from Roberta of Grey's Soulful Reiki over the period of this past year and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a relaxing, therapeutic, Holistic, and for me, Spiritual experience. It was well worth the time and money! Sue M

Tim , an amazingly brave Galgo (Spanish Greyhound dog) recently rescued from Spain gave me the most beautiful gift of allowing me to practice Reiki Healing on him for over an hour!  When I came into my friend Jordan's home he approached me with his head down, so submissive but willing to trust me, quite miraculous considering the past life of abuse he had survived in Spain. Within minutes of me being there, Tim laid down on a comforter in the living room with his body partly on my legs and with his chest and belly exposed to me and my hands, he stayed in this position for the entire treatment, relaxed, peaceful and content!  Tim was one of 5 dogs(family members) at Jordan's home, Mafi and Buddy also received Reiki that day but Tim clearly knew that I was there for him!